Japanese Innovation

“Just make sense”

Paula Lillquist, NEWS EDITOR

  Imagine the world in 100 years. Go ahead. What do you see? Do you see people traveling 200 mph on land? Or maybe it’s something simpler like a toilet with 15 different buttons. The reality is, this already exists in our day and age! The Japanese lead the world in both mathematics and science so there’s no question as to why their society is so futuristic. With social media, like TikTok, we have been exposed to different high tech inventions in Japan that just make sense. 

  Simple everyday equipment, such as toilets, have been designed for maximum usage. This innovation comes equipped with about 15 buttons controlling everything from flushing to water pressure to wash your behind. Some of these toilets have automatic lids which allow the toilet seat to open as soon as it detects motion. The toilet comes with a jet stream as well as a drier, which can be used to clean yourself, therefore saving toilet paper. 

  Washing machines have also taken an interesting turn! To adapt to the small houses, washing machines, driers, and even clothing irons have been combined for the ultimate appliance. These machines are also able to sanitize clothing with no water!

  Japanese houses have extra features that solve household issues we are accustomed to in the United States. Faucets in kitchens are able to switch from drinking water to water for washing dishes with a push of a button. Many of the appliances in the kitchen such as the blender or rice cooker are easily accessible and only require the owner to pull out a drawer in order to use them. Additionally, the cutting boards are built into the counter. Not all kitchens have this, but, the Japanese recently invented a refrigerator that boosts the nutrient content in fruits. 

  Transportation is another aspect that the Japanese have perfected. Making its debut in 1964, the Bullet Train makes high speed travel accessible and comfortable. The interior resembles that of a regular 767 airplane, but has a little more space. Speed is the name of the game for this train. It can reach peaks of 200 mph in an instant! This train has been designed for absolute comfort, with complimentary food and free Wi-Fi! The prices for these tickets can range anywhere from $150 USD all the way to $750 USD. 

  Senior Kevin Orbegoso states, “In my eyes, I always believed that Japan has better technology. We see that Japan has far more advanced AI and facial recognition than the U.S. by a mile. Through the amount of facial recognition police robots found roaming the streets, and the advanced artificial intelligent robotic hotel staff, Japan is certainly several years into the future today. And statistically speaking, Japan is the world’s most prominent practitioner of artificial intelligence in both research and application. That says a lot!”

  With all of these complicated yet convenient innovations, Japan leads the world in technological advancement. These simple inventions help solve problems that we didn’t even know we had. By consolidating space and maximizing the use of every material the Japanese appliances just make sense.