Photo donated by Anthony Fernandez (Donated by Anthony Fernandez)
Photo donated by Anthony Fernandez

Donated by Anthony Fernandez

The Adventures of Ocean Fishing

September 18, 2020

Just over two years ago, Anthony was just a normal high school freshman who enjoyed diving, swimming, and spearfishing. Fast forward two years, and now Anthony has started a YouTube channel to film all of the fishing adventures he goes on. His channel, Ocean.Fishing Adventures, is mainly focused on freediving, spearfishing, and fishing.


   Since starting the channel he’s uploaded 22 videos and has pulled in 264 subscribers with his most viewed video having over five thousand views. This quarantine has actually been helpful to Anthony, giving him more time to go out and edit his videos so they are the best they can be. 


   When he started this channel all Anthony wanted to do is show everyone the adventures he goes on and how fun they are. Anthony states, “My biggest hope for the channel is for it to blow up and I can share my fishing and inspire thousands of people to go outdoors and go fishing.” In the 22 videos he’s uploaded, Anthony has racked up almost 11,700 views. On his channel, the videos will not only show you how to catch a fish by fishing or spearfishing, but some videos will also show you how to clean and cook a fish.


   Whenever Anthony has a new video coming out he will spend up to twelve hours editing it to make it as good as possible. When Anthony is not out on adventures in the ocean he enjoys playing volleyball, playing and watching basketball, and playing video games. His favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat and he watches every single game. While watching a game, Anthony will be working hard on editing upcoming videos to put on Youtube. 


Donated by Anthony Fernandez
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