Ozuna: The Newest Album


Graphic by: Kelvin Pinero

Graphic by Kelvin Pinero


The music industry is filled with many different and diverse artists. From rap to classical, to
pop and many more, the industry allows for unique and expressive music to be created. One
artist that has risen to fame over the many years is Hispanic singer Ozuna.

Ozuna’s music category is mostly reggaeton and trap. He has been creating music since about
2012 and has continuously produced more and more. His first album, Brown Underground and
Gettin Down, became popular and ever since then he’s been gaining popularity.

Recently, Ozuna came out with a new album called ENOC, released on September 4th, 2020. It
includes twenty new songs, including its already popular Mala and Del Mar. The album features
other artists as well such as Doja Cat, Daddy Yankee, Sia, and more.

The album has already been a hit and being well enjoyed. Sophomore Laisha Laracuente
expresses her thoughts about the album by stating, “I think Ozuna’s new album really portrayed
a huge comeback.” The album gives a sense of enjoyment, and with each song there are different
atmospheres to the beats. Laisha also states, “his career has always been on top as well as being
one of the lead artists on the charts since 2014.” I agree with Laisha; Ozuna’s album is a big
deal right now, and when listening to it, it made me want to get up and dance. The twenty songs
on the album go together great in order to create the full album ENOC.

Ozuna's career has skyrocketed throughout the years and with him coming out and producing
more music, and with ENOC it gives him the opportunity to create more top hits.

Junior Angelina Paparazzi expresses her opinion towards his music by stating, “I think his
music is danceable. When listening you can have a good time, and during parties it’s always on”.
Ozuna’s music is very upbeat and allows for a good time when at certain events such as parties,
and other occasions.

“He’s done a lot with his career,” states Angelina. Even as of this year, Ozuna was named as
“the most watched artist on Youtube” and was placed into this year's Guinness Book of World
Records with the award for “artist with the most videos to reach one billion views.”

One of Ozuna’s top hit songs is called Te Bote. Te Bote is an upbeat song and I think with the
combinations of each artist that is involved in the song, adds to the song overall. All the artists
featured in the single allow for the song to be enjoyed by many who listen to these artists.
Featuring a variety of different artists including Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Nio Garcia, and others
which became a hit back in 2018. The song quickly grew in popularity and was a breakthrough
for some of the artists. Since then the song has been a top hit for the artists, and has received a
ton of streams and attention as well.