Meet Reef Ostendorf

Samantha Miragliotta, SMALL COPY EDITOR

   During these uncertain times, school and all activities have been temporarily postponed. Even in quarantine, however, the pandemic did not stop one particular student: Reef Ostendorf. Over the “summer [she] had volunteered at the library of Weston and participated in numerous zoom programs with other students.” During, and considering, COVID-19 conditions, Reef went out of her way to help librarians prepare and clean the books until they were mint condition.

     As a sophomore at Pembroke Pines Charter High School, Reef is a student who enjoys volunteering her time to those in need. With a bubbly personality that’s just contagious, Reef has volunteered almost everywhere, from Feeding South Florida, to Go Green Beach Clean Ups, to the library of Weston.  

     Charismatic, caring, and kind are just a few words to describe this exemplar student who is a friend to everyone. She may be a girl who enjoys simple things like going to the beach, watching her favorite Netflix show, Grey’s Anatomy, and uses TikTok quite a lot, but above all, Reef loves to give back to her community.

     Some fun facts about Reef are that she would like to visit to the tropical paradise known as Fiji, and one of her lifelong goals is to travel to all fifty states. She also likes to adventure from time to time, a having mini-thrill, for example, when she almost died swimming down a waterfall in North Carolina. One of her most “memorable vacation trips by far,” in her words.

    If she were a superhero, she would like to have the ability to teleport. If Reef had these powers, I believe she would use them not for her own benefit, but to better the lives of others from place to place, like she does now through her volunteering. Overall, I have come to the conclusion that Reef Ostendorf is an involved student who loves and cares about the environment and her community. Not only selfless, but a role model for other students at PPCHS.