Can Microsoft Save Tiktok?

Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

     TikTok is an app we all know and love; it’s a passtime, it’s informative, and some might even call it revolutionary. Ever since TikTok came into the world, it has become an essential part of our daily routines. People have found fame on it, while others have let their creative sides run free. Plus, many can agree that time doesn’t even exist on TikTok, you can be scrolling for hours and not even realize it! However, as much as people like something, there will always be some who don’t, and TikTok is no exception. 


   Donald Trump, for example, has expressed his clear dislike of Tiktok. He has said that the Chinese are “spying” on us and therefore, it has become a matter of national security. Trump has even threatened to ban the app in the U.S. if it’s not sold to an American company. As of right now, Microsoft only has six weeks left before we lose our beloved app forever. 


   When asked how she feels about TikTok potentially being banned, junior Natalie Brito expresses that “I personally feel as though Donald Trump has way more things to worry about when it comes to our country… he should worry more about the people whose lives are being taken due to COVID-19. Instead, he’s focused on TikTok ruining his rallies. People thrive off of Tik Tok by using their platforms to promote things… and if he bans Tik Tok, these creators would no longer be able to provide for themselves financially.”


   On the bright side, there are rumors that Microsoft will save the day for all of us. On September 15, Microsoft is said to make the app as safe as possible for U.S citizens. They have also pledged to do a “full security review” of the company and to make sure to keep all of American users’ data in the U.S., not anywhere else (New York Times).


   Knowing this information has definitely helped put more people at ease. For example, sophomore Diana Angel says, “TikTok shouldn’t be getting banned in the U.S. in the first place. There are much bigger issues to focus on, but I hope Microsoft does buy Tik Tok and make it safer. It would make a lot of teens very happy.” 


   These rumors have been circling the internet for weeks, and we can only hope that there’s some truth to them. In light of the rumors, many TikTok creators have returned to their origins and continue to make the content we all enjoy; they’ve even been able to expand their careers and promote their small businesses, and they owe it all to TikTok.