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Amogh’s Unexpected New Chapter

September 3, 2020

 If you ask a freshman about high school, they would probably talk about crowded halls, diverse classes, more freedom, and of course, the switch from navy blue shorts to khakis. The transition from middle to high school starts an important chapter, but the Class of ‘24 experienced an unexpected first page – one that makes them feel that they are not experiencing the “right” first year of high school.


   Freshman Amogh Baranwal expresses, “I never in a million years would have thought to start this chapter [of] my life online. I expected to meet new friends, make bonds with my teachers, and immerse myself in clubs and extracurricular activities.” He would much rather have started in person, but he understands how much the pandemic is affecting everyone. He states that being virtual, for now, is the best option for students, teachers, and staff. 


   Freshman year is filled with firsts: first spirit week, first pep rally, first football game, and first homecoming. He looked forward to his first spirit week and first pep rally because of Charter’s great school spirit. He feels uncertain if his class will experience these events in the future.


   Learning online reduced the social aspects of regular school, whether it be the involvement in clubs and extracurriculars such as spirit week, pep rallies, and football games. He says, “I was looking forward to hanging out with my friends while also balancing academics.” Despite this, he stays in contact with his friends through Zoom calls. 


   For Amogh and the Class of ‘24, starting their first year online isn’t ideal. However, he is adjusting to his classes pretty well, he likes his teachers, and appreciates that he can fully focus on academics.


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