Struggling Student Athletes


   For Shravya Sarreddy, member of the Pines Charter volleyball team, not being able to participate in her junior year season is extremely frustrating and disappointing.

   Every year, student athletes look forward to competing and participating in their beloved sport but recently, due to the circumstances of online school and COVID-19 precautions, some student athletes might not have the chance to do so. 

   Since it’s a fall sport, Shravya always starts her school year off with volleyball. She is used to having to train during the beginning of semester, and juggle class work along with school. However now, she isn’t able to do so, stating, “quarantine has been really hard for me especially because not being able to go out and practice, and keep my body in shape is taking a toll on me”. Sarreddy states how because of her not being active in the gym everyday like usual, she’s falling out of her normal routine. Since her fall season won’t be able to occur for now “it’s affecting [her] because volleyball used to be something I [did] everyday and all of a sudden you stop practicing.” 

    COVID-19 has been affecting student athletes everywhere, such as Shravya Sarreddy, and it can change their whole mindset of themselves as athletes. With not being able to train with your teammates, competing against other teams, and more, students are limited in the interactions they can have to grow as athletes during the high school season(s).