Senior Quote Board


Samantha Miragliotta, Social Media Assistant

How did you feel after graduating?

  1. Alyssa Miragliotta – “After graduation I felt like I had finally made it! I am so fortunate to go to a school that allowed us to walk the stage and get the experience of a real graduation. It was so nice to see everyone in their cap and gown with all their cords. I know that graduation is not the end but only the beginning. I had a party afterwards with my family to celebrate this huge milestone and all of my accomplishments. I am thankful for a great 13 years at Charter and I can’t wait to see what comes next! I am so excited for the future!”
  2. Constanza Jara – “Graduating to me felt like such a big accomplishment. It’s something I was really looking forward to but I’m glad the school was able to make something unique for us to feel honored and proud of everything we’ve done.”                                                                               
  3. Samaya Ali – “I’ve been looking forward to graduation for a while. Being able to walk across the stage for the 13 years of hard work and dedication is something special. Through  these hard circumstances still being able to walk across the stage means everything. It gives me the validation that my hard work did pay off. I’m so thankful to charter for trying to make the most out of our senior year.”
  4. Naveen Farouk -“2020 was the year that many people were anxiously waiting for, and I was among that group of people. While it was a year of many major events to look forward to, for me, I was excited to have my graduation fall on a special number like that. Little did I know, the circumstances my graduation fell under would be unprecedented. While it’s not the same as a traditional graduation commencement ceremony, or the honor of turning my tassel over to the left side with all my classmates, being a graduate of PPCHS gave me the ability to walk a stage. For that, I am thankful. After thirteen long years at Charter, my time there had come to an end. I was overcome with gratitude and sadness. This school had become a second home in my life, full of some of my fondest memories and the place that started lifelong friendships. After attending three other HS graduations in my family, it’s hard to believe that the time has come where I, the youngest of four, have completed the cycle. While I move onto this next phase of my life, I remind myself to hold onto all the lessons that I’ve learned along the way. It feels like I’m leaving behind a part of me, but really it’s just growing—taking the next step to build the future I’ve always dreamed of. Nonetheless, I couldn’t be happier that this was the place I grew up in. Even as a recently committed student of [the] University of Pennsylvania, I can assure you that at heart, I am a Jaguar for life.”