Charter’s Senior Tradition is Back


Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

  At Pines Charter, tradition is a big thing and has been for the longest of times. One tradition that has been around for a while is the throwing shirts in a tree on the last day of school. It has been in the charter system for years and years, and even with the pandemic this tradition had to be altered but continued.

  As mentioned previously, this coronavirus pandemic altered the way 2020 seniors at Pines Charter carried on this tradition. Senior Constanza Jara expressed, “The throwing of the shirts event is a tradition at ppchs and it was something I was really looking forward to. I’m so glad Mr.Bayer along with the administration was able to allow us to have the opportunity to do this amazing tradition even if it may have been the usual. it was very unique and exciting!” Even though graduation was different, Charter made their students feel as normal as they could. 

  Yet, some students took the symbolic approach to all of this. Another senior, Brittney Coote stated, “Being able to throw the shirts was bittersweet. It’s usually what we do on the last day of school with all the other seniors, to symbolize the end of high school. I’m glad we still had a part of that tradition. I was able to watch my twin sister throw her shirt, and I saw a few other students throw their shirts, too. I wasn’t able to get my shirt in the tree, but it was fun to try!” Coote showed that there is more to it than just the shirt tossing. 

  As schools are taking a different approach to graduation, Charter is trying to keep traditions as normal as ever. Charter is thanking administration for trying their best to make seniors feel like their senior year is back to normal. 

  • Contributions also made by: Julie De Deus (YB)