How Mark-Oliver is Surviving Quarantine


Rebecca Lim, Staff Writer

  It’s no secret that quarantine has been a struggle for many. Staying at home with no social activity and not being able to go to school has resulted in loneliness, sadness, and of course, boredom. However, people have been sticking to their hobbies and hanging out with their families to help them survive. 

  Junior Mark-Oliver Lassegue has been picking up old practices to fight boredom. He says,” In the beginning [of quarantine] I was really having a hard time finding out ways to make the time go by… after a while though, I started working out with my dad almost every day for 3-4 hours a day, and honestly it made the time go by for sure. I started getting back in shape and healthy.” Working out has not only helped him get back in shape and pass time while stuck at home, but has also been a way for him and his dad to bond.  

  Working out isn’t the only thing Mark-Oliver has been up to, though. He explains, “If I’m not in my garage [working out] I’m in my room catching up on some anime shows that I’ve been meaning to watch or I’m at my dinner table getting my homework done.” Schoolwork has definitely been keeping him occupied along with his hobbies. But the switch to online school has also given Mark-Oliver more time to hang out with his family, especially his dad. 

  Even though it’s been a huge adjustment going from his typical schooldays to days filled with extra time, he’s been able to find ways to stay busy. Anyone else who’s bored can follow his example; get back in shape, catch up on things you were meaning to do, and don’t take your family for granted.

  • Contributions also made by: Blaze Duran (YB) & Jack Simpkin (YB)