Is this the Rebirth of Hustle Culture?

Maxine Martinez, Features Editor

 The majority of my quarantine had been spent in my room. Surrounded by what seems to be ever shrinking four walls, and entertained mainly by phone, or more specifically through TikTok. It’s there where I see endless videos of people honing in on new skills or hobbies. Promoting a productive lifestyle in a time of societal unrest. It wasn’t until I came across one video in particular that I questioned my mindset: is quarantine a breeding ground for “hustle culture,” or is this a time for mindful reset?

   The video in question argued that this is a time for people to take a step back. To take advantage of this extended period of removal from the everyday pressures of society. The idea of looking towards the silver lining of this quarantine is not unknown, but the way that silver appears to shimmer is arguable. At the beginning, I fell into the category that favored that “hustle.” I thought of all the ways I could finally work on all the projects that I’ve been setting aside.  However, that excitement and motivation quickly gave way to anxiousness and guilt. I was tired and at the end of each day I was reminded that I had accomplished none of the goals that I had set. These feelings only worsened when I got on social media. 

  But then I stumbled upon that aforementioned video. I wondered to myself “Is this true? Am I valid in taking this time for myself?” These are questions that I pondered for days, and I finally came to one single realization: my time is my own. 

  That philosophy can be a hard one to follow, but it’s one I am trying to make peace with. People can capitalize on this time whatever way they want. There is no right or wrong answer, especially considering how unprecedented this all is. While some may capitalize on this period to pursue new opportunities it is also fair to revive one’s spirit and min, and hopefully some skilled few could possibly do both. I have grown to support all sides.