A Look Into SGA Application Season

Kiersten Warren, Student Life Editor

  PPCHS SGA, one of the most exclusive and known organizations at our school, has made numerous amounts of adjustments since we’ve been out of school. In fact, the last SGA event happened on the last day we were all in school: March 13. Since then, the coveted SGA class, also known formally as leadership by the district, has held its runoff elections and has just ended the annual application season. 

  The SGA class every year is picked by the new SGA president and VP, and with the help of Mr. Curry, the advisor. Of course, application season looked a little different this year; we couldn’t have face to face interviews and a meeting. However, I, with the help of my vice president, Alyssa Infante, and our amazing sponsor, Mr. Curry, have figured out a method to choosing next year’s new members. Interested applicants had to first attend the interest meeting, which was held at the beginning of May, where Mr. Curry went over a powerpoint presentation, outlining expectations of new members and a description of what the next year could hold. 

  After attending the meeting, interested potential new members proceeded to the 3 step application. First, applicants had to fill out a simple application, listing their schedule for next year, their GPA, and past leadership roles. Then, applicants had to make a video that entailed why they wanted to be in SGA and what they could bring to the table. And finally, the application had an essay portion, where potential new members could reflect on their past leadership roles and how SGA could help them grow. Once the application is submitted it is now out of the applicants’ hands. 

  Mr. Curry, the vice president, and I went over every single application and graded them based on a complex grading system, then proceeded to meet over a Zoom call and discuss. Usually, these decisions are tough and the debates are tedious, as there are only so many open spots and we cannot accept everyone. However, this year, things were a little different. The number of applicants went down by half; nonetheless, though, the decisions still went through debate and were hard to make. 

  There is no doubt applying for SGA is a bit tedious, but it is to ensure that we only select the best of the best. It’s to make next year as great as possible. While we don’t know what that looks like yet, I can say I am very excited to get the ball rolling next year and cannot wait to plan some amazing events for everyone at charter! Congrats to those that got in!