Naveen Farook


      “Sophomore year, World Hijab Day. It was just so different from anything I’ve ever seen. There were 17 of us…to know I had the support of all these friends…that was really cool.” Naveen Farook. Bangladeshi. Going to University of Pennsylvania. Aries, and she’s as blunt and passionately stubborn as an Aries can be. Her life motto is “be your own ideal” as she believes that she should work to impress herself instead of others (in this world of comparisons). She says that “you’re the only person you have at the end of the day.” But aside from that, Naveen’s really an empathetic people-person who is receptive to all forms of love. She has this bubbly personality that can talk to different people and try to see the best in them as well. And it just may be that this trait of hers will help find her success in foreign diplomacy one day. So either working in government politics or for large-scale NGOs, Naveen will aim to vocalize the issues outside of the American-centric bubble that no one really talks about. She’ll make a strong stand as a proud Muslim woman, looking up to her inspirational sister and always coming out as a stronger person despite any obstacles she may face. It’s her goal to be successful (& make something come out of her parents’ immigration from Bangladesh). But aside from her career, Naveen will also be working on herself in terms of prioritizing her own happiness and connecting more with her religion. And eventually, she’ll also find herself in D.C. at “some point“ in her life as a married woman with 4 kids (with a chance of twins!), still enjoying dance and watching basketball and football games with her family and friends, of course. Charter support team: Caroline, Sinan, Alyssa B., Astrid, Swati, Arya, Destiny. Favorite show: FRIENDS. Favorite artist: NIKI. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Stick to the people who make you the best version of yourself.” 

  • By: Jena Manning