Jordan Smith


      “My junior year. That’s when I started going out more. I started to open up my friend circle….I had a lot of good times during that year.” Jordan Alaiyah Smith. Trinidadian. Going to FAMU. Scorpio, and she’s as adventurous as they can be. She’s also sarcastic and can be very stubborn (although determined) in her ways. If she’s already set on something, it’s really difficult to change her mind to be more open to alternative ideas. Regardless, Jordan plans to work on this trait of hers. She also hopes to stop stressing out about things she can’t control, even as she’s been practicing meditation to clear her mindset in the mornings. She does, after all, aim to “try to make the best out of any situation,” especially when it comes to this Corona business. And even when it comes to people (whom she thinks can tend to be “assholes” sometimes), Jordan still appreciates those loyal, trustworthy ones who can make her laugh. Moreover, she still likes to socialize with others and to be helpful in driving that “extra mile” for her friends. Aside from that, though, Jordan hopes to one day become an entrepreneur, to become her “own boss” just as her business-owner parents have done. She’ll have a husband, 3 kids, and a dog (even though she’s allergic), living in a “nearly hot” environment in either Texas or Florida. And of course, she’ll always look up to her “down-to-earth” and straightforward mother, look down on the idea of the “talking stage,” and look back on her days of flag football and dance in high school. Charter support team: “tea spillers” & “the wives and anthony.” Favorite shows: Martin, Parks and Recreation, Vampire Diaries. Favorite song: “Marley Vibez” – TEC. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Realize that not everyone is supposed to be in your life…It’s okay to grow apart from people.”

  • By: Jena Manning