Daviana Kaiserman


      “I like how I won most likely to be tardy to graduation, and we’re not even going to have a graduation…And the fact that I told all my friends not to vote for me…” Daviana Francesca Kaiserman. Brazilian/Colombian/Egyptian. Going to UCF. Taurus, and she’s mostly one in how she’s very stubborn and consistent in her ways. She’s a blunt person who aims to be nicer. But at the end of the day, she doesn’t really care about what other people may think of her, especially if they don’t like her. Daviana’s pretty much someone who does whatever she wants as she believes that you should live like “you’re gonna die tomorrow.” She’s very aware that anything can happen, like this whole Corona thing going on, and so she clearly values the freedom of individuality. It’s almost natural, therefore, that she doesn’t tend to like conformity or when others will just say and do anything just to be “in.” She also doesn’t like those who may act superior to everyone else as well. Nevertheless, in her future, Daviana sees herself as one of those homicide detectives you watch on T.V., although she’ll most likely go for a criminal lawyer position as she doesn’t want to deal with actual dead bodies. Her parents also make a point that she tends to “argue a lot,” anyhow. So no matter what, she’ll be somehow involved with law for her career as she lives with a husband and no kids near the Floridian beach since she can’t deal with the cold. And maybe she’ll perhaps still spend some time baking, both human treats and dog treats (as she does so right now for her dog Zeus). Charter support team: Kaitlyn P., Andrea M., Jordan C., Hailey, Valentina O. Favorite shows: The Originals & Vampire Diaries. Favorite artist: The Weeknd. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Go to school…cause I never did.” 

  • By: Jena Manning