Alex Yu


      “4th period, Quigley’s class. He’s someone I connected with and will probably be the teacher I remember as my favorite teacher from high school.” Yu Sheng Alexander Thomas Loucks. Chinese/Canadian. Going to FIU. Virgo, though he says that astrology’s “all general statements.” Although he can be quick to dismiss others when he’s had a bad day or previous interaction, Alex is someone who sometimes cares “too much about everybody,” including people he doesn’t really know. He sees the good in people, and he especially likes those who are laid-back, straightforward about what they’re feeling, and willing to give second chances as he knows that everyone messes up. He can tend to dislike when they lie, though, and when people don’t budge to open up their true personalities (cause then he’d have to give up on getting to know them). Otherwise, Alex is pretty much a character who’s “not quick to love.” He’s a strong believer in how true love is a feeling that takes time as it happens when “you fall in love with a person over and over again because they surprise you in ways you didn’t know you wanted to be surprised.” He’s also a believer in the life motto “focus on one thing at a time.” He realizes that he’s more successful in doing one thing right, and so he generally doesn’t have a plan for everything. One plan that he does have in mind, though, is to become an actuary, in which he can assess risks for companies and give them insurance rates. He has a knack for statistics, after all, and likes the idea of this job being a “puzzle” to figure out. And so, someday, he’ll enjoy the flexibility of his career, possibly working at home in a place where it snows and living with 3-4 kids and “the right person” whom he can “change” with. But for now, he’s a soccer player who looks up to the persevering Asian actress Chloe Bennet and enjoys babysitting his baby brother. And he hopes to keep improving his work ethic, being more accepting to opposing opinions, and being more selfless. Charter support team: Kaue, Olivia A., Meril, Ryan, Trace. Favorite movie: Ip Man. Favorite artist: Rich Brian. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Don’t be afraid to let people into your life…” 

      By: Jena Manning