Finding a Job: Isabel Lara


Paula-Lillquist- Rodriguez, Tech Editor

      The coronavirus has put a steep decline in the economy. Many people have faced job losses which jeopardize the entire life they have built. Additionally, seniors who are attending college in the fall still have to raise money to put towards their career. During this time it is especially hard to get jobs, but that hasn’t stopped Isabel Lara, a senior herself. Isabel has been trying to get a job since before quarantine has started. The coronavirus has definitely not helped her find a job. However, this did not stop her from applying and continuing to look for a job. She applied to a few places around here such as Dominos and Publix. Recently, she heard back from Dominos and will start working there soon! She states, “I am worried about working during this pandemic because I am a one who is at high risk of getting the virus, but I do feel I have to work. I am trying to save money for my family and for my schooling. My job is actually making sure to double sanitize since we do work with food. We also fill out a slip every time we come in to double-check everyone is healthy and safe.” She is making sure to take into account as many safety measures as possible to prevent her from getting sick. This is the most important part, staying safe and healthy. 

  • Contributions also made by: Christina Copeland (YB)