Sweating Through This Quarantine


Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

 In times like these, it’s very common for people to focus on the main, trending thing out there in the world. It’s very easy to lose track of what is important when everything in the world is crazy. For athletes however, there are two ways that they look at it. Either quarantine is a break for them to be lazy, or an opportunity to take advantage of and work on their craft day in and day out. 

  This break has been a big change for all, not just athletes so it’s taken some getting used to. For example, sophomore Stella Dioguardi expressed, “During quarantine I have definitely had my ups and down. Some days I wake up motivated while other days I feel like staying in bed ALL day. With everything being cancelled I am no longer able to train with my high-school or club team. So I took the initiative to run 3-4 miles everyday and work on my abs, core, and legs. But staying healthy and fit is key and will help me get back in the water for water polo.” Stella is one who shows true passion to her sport and shows dedication even if she doesn’t feel like training. 

  On the contrary, some people use this time to workout, but not because they want to… instead, it’s because it will pass the time and give them something to do besides staying indoors. Like senior Brittney Coote, who says, “ I love it because it distracts me from being stuck in the house all day[,] and I get to workout under the sun! Some days, I go for jogs in the late afternoon, and it’s nice to just be by myself, listening to my music. Working out always helps me with my stress and I’m able to feel like I accomplished something during this long quarantine!”

  No matter if you’re an athlete or a homebody, working out during times like this can be very productive—not just physically, but mentally as well. It’s a good source to stay productive throughout these tough times. It’s a stress, and time reliever. To put it brief, it’s the safest way to be productive!

  • Contributions also made by: Julie De Deus (YB)