This is Tailgate Gear By Ari


Maxine Martinez, Features Editor

  To be successful in modern society, one not only needs to be intelligent but also ambitious and innovative. Ariana Ortiz, a senior at PPCHS, encompasses all traits with her new clothing business Tailgate Gear By Ari. 

  The soon to be graduate started her brand recently through Instagram. It’s there where she posts pictures of her clothing and advertises to customers. Her apparel is handmade and gets any college student ready for game days! “I started it because I saw it somewhere about a year ago and I thought it was really cool. I’ve always loved art and doing projects and I bought this as a cool way to display that,” she expressed. She got the idea to start her own business from other pages she saw on Instagram and gained inspiration from Pinterest and other trends, and as of now she’s seen success with already selling about four pieces and hopes to sell more she gets more equipment. 

   Ariana Ortiz initially planned to start her business over the summer, but with the sudden quarantine decided for her to start early. Though this is only a few weeks into her venture, she plans to continue and grow her page until the end of her college career. You can find her at @tailgatesbyari, and we can’t wait to see what her future brings!

  • Contributions also made by: Alexis Bustamante (YB)