Are small businesses in danger?

Kimani Dodd, Staff Writer

  During this tough time, people are doing their best to support small businesses that may be facing a hard time. As a result, many people are ordering food from local businesses or purchasing clothes from small online boutiques. Talk shows and news outlets are promoting goods from small businesses as well. While all this support is wonderful, it may not be enough. Sophomore Carolina Calonge believes that small businesses will go out of businesses due to the fact that “Money given to businesses from the government bill has already run out.” Carolina expressed that “If this continues into next year they will have no way to make a living or a viable option to keep doors open. Sophomore Evangelin Rejeev offers a different perspective. She believes that the businesses who are able to adapt quickly are more likely to stay afloat versus those ones that aren’t. However, she also believes that some businesses may not be able to keep up. She says “I don’t think that a lot of businesses that require people to be present like amusement parks and movie theaters will be able to keep up if this situation continues.” Time will ultimately tell what happens to small businesses. True customer loyalty and people’s ability to spend money during this difficult time will be major factors. 

  • Contributions also made by: Briana James (YB)