Expectations for Next Year

Mia Mateo, Staff Writer

      Truthfully I don’t think there’s gonna be much change at all, there’s an off chance that we make some sort of change in light of recent events because of how progressive Mr. Bayer is, but for the most part I think school will go on just as it always had. Maybe some added work online since we have more practice now but that might basically be it. -Freshman, Jorge Munoz


      Next school year is going to be really fun especially because of what is happening now, this pandemic has taught me not to take anything for granted so next school year I’m going to live my best life and enjoy what I do. -Freshman, Laisha Laracuente


     I think it definitely will be odd at first to come back after so long but I think we will quickly get adjusted and go back into our same old routines. -Sophomore, Nicolle Sanchez


     The beginning of next school year will probably be online and then I think that somewhere during the middle or near the end, we will go back to school. I will definitely be more cautious  by washing my hands and not touching a lot. -Sophomore, Matthew Rosenberry


     Hopefully things will be better by August and school won’t be too different, but I can imagine the school doing things like switching classes by grade or in small groups so no large groups are walking around at the same time, making us eat lunch in our classrooms instead of all in the cafeteria, limiting club meetings, and stopping students from hanging out in groups before and after school. I could even imagine them blocking off the water fountains to limit our contact with each other’s germs. -Senior, Kylie Fernandez