Charter College Commitments

Caroline Kadir, Editor in Chief

  Imagine you are a senior sitting on the ROG steps pondering all about the wonderful possibilities that second semester was bound to bring, basking in the excitement that was to come in spring. Unfortunately, the thrill was short lived once COVID- 19 came into the picture in mid-March. But despite all the seemingly downfalls, the seniors of PPCHS inevitably found a way around it and successfully celebrated their college commitments on May 1st, 2020, plastering it all over social media and included a lovely video compilation created by administration to commemorate the successes of the Class of 2020. 

  From a Jaguar to a Knight, there’s one charter senior who’s ecstatic to move up to Disney-central (aka Orlando) to attend the University of Central Florida, and that is none other than Amanda Cooke-William. An accomplished and active dancer at PPCHS, William is looking forward to continuing the art once she moves up, stating, “I plan to participate in their KDDC program (Knights and Damsels Dance Company).” In terms of college decision day, William was sad that she couldn’t fully celebrate due to COVID-19, but she hopes and prays that this is resolved by fall because “the seniors definitely deserve to enjoy their freshman year in college since their final year of high school was taken from them.” Despite quarantined circumstances that students are currently facing, jags are nevertheless excited for what’s to come in the fall. 

  While numerous seniors are residing in-state, the few opting out-of-state are not to be forgotten, such as senior Emily Alan, who will fortunately be attending New York University in the fall. “NYU has always been my dream school, not only because it’s in New York City, but it’s a really great school with countless opportunities. I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life filled with many NY adventures.” Alan definitely had the go-getter mindset from the start, and can’t wait to make new friends and meet amazing people. She’s thrilled with the sheer thought of starting college in her dream city, and hopes to start her freshman year off right in the fall, if COVID-19 allows of course. 

  With so many odds against the class of 2020, they seemed to have prevailed through it all, evidently found through their immaculate college commitments that PPCHS administration couldn’t be more proud of. From Brown and UPenn to UF and  NYU, this year’s senior class will certainly be remembered for an abundance of reasons, but most certainly for their victorious commitments to college. One thing’s for sure: no matter where our Charter seniors end up, they will forever be a Jaguar. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!