What Does This Summer Hold?

Maxine Martinez, Features Editor

  The school year was set to end in less than a month but due to the obvious reasons, nothing is happening as expected. These final weeks are usually full of anxious teens counting down the days till summer vacation; however, the threat of coronavirus and along with the instruction to social distance has left many to wonder what a summer would look like in a COVID-19 world?

  Vacations are starting to be cancelled and refunds are being handed out, but no one knows for certain when the quarantine will end. Some like freshman Joseph Penichet commented that “I think this quarantine will end during what is supposed to be the middle of next school year. It all depends on how people treat this. For example, if they stay quarantined and don’t go out then this might end faster, but I think no one really knows yet.” Despite alarm that the lack of isolation will only extend the quarantine, some businesses and public locations have begun to reopen. Yet, does this mean that the summer is one that will be “normal?”

  In the case where the summer is one that resembles the current way of life, junior Bradi Stewart expressed, “I would probably keep doing what I’m doing now to [a greater] extent. I would practice more on the piano and do more workouts. Typical stuff to keep me busy. I also like to watch a lot of shows and movies so that keeps me distracted for a while. Nonetheless I would just try to relax and facetime my friends and family as much as possible so I don’t miss them too much.” Without school to keep PPCHS students busy during quarantine, a summer at home does hold the threat of boredom. Nevertheless, by finding creative outlets and hobbies the summer has the potential to be productive. 

  Nobody knows what this summer will hold. For the first time in a long time, kids are urged to stay inside rather than go outside. But PPCHS students are known for being innovative and there is no doubt that they’ll still make this a successful summer.