The Protests Creating a Cause

Nicole Llanes, Social Media Manager

  Plastered all over the news and radio are updates about the novel COVID-19. From possible cures, the ever-rising death toll, cities locked down, and one of the newest events: armed protests. These protests were originally rooted in the fear of the economy collapsing and people’s constitutional rights being infringed. This kind of small-scale rebellion has been spotted all over the nation, and doesn’t seem to have an ending until the stay at home order is lifted.

  Stay at home orders began to go into effect in March for America. They ordered non-essential businesses to close and limited travel and group gatherings. Travel was only encouraged for necessary tasks, such as groceries, medication, or food. However, small groups suddenly began to pop all around America, rebelling against these orders and fighting for them to end. States accustomed to this were Florida, California, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Washington, Colorado, and North Carolina. At first, these protests were smaller gatherings, but over the past days, some have grown in number and violence.

  In Colorado, a 53-year-old man was arrested for having homemade pipe bombs, with which he was planning to start a violent revolt against Colorado’s restrictions (KRDO). Then in Michigan, protesters gathered into the state’s capital as state lawmakers were debating the Democratic governor’s request to extend the emergency powers taken to combat the coronavirus. Many of these protesters were armed with rifles, showed acts of aggression, and even shouted anti-government slogans comparing lawmakers to Hitler (The Guardian). It seems as if the longer these people are held in quarantine, the more severe and harsh their actions become.

  The protesters claim to be fighting for their freedom, their jobs, and rights. In Los Angeles, a beach was closed again when crowds rushed there disregarding social distancing or wearing masks. Some protesters saw the governor’s action as ‘unconstitutional, vague, and ambiguous (France 24). Sophomore Domenic Lacayo expressed, “I think it’s crazy how so many people are disregarding the orders set in place to keep us safe and healthy. If staying locked away from everyone keeps me from death, I’m okay with that.” Many protesters don’t recognize the fact these orders weren’t made to make us suffer, but keep us safe and strengthen the possibility this will all be over soon.

  The only possible way for stay-at-home orders to be lifted is for them to be followed. Many protesters don’t social distance or wear any protective gear to protect them. Freshman Lyndon Ochoa explained, “The sooner we listen, the sooner this can end. So please just listen.” If everyone were to follow the stay at home-order and take the proper safety measures, the cases would decrease and the orders could be lifted. But these protests are lessening these chances and only increasing risks.