How is the Census Surviving with the Virus?

Sebastian Alvarez, Staff Writer

  The census happens every 10 years, and it’s an important period of time as the census helps with data on the national, state, and local levels that help define who we are as a nation. But, with the virus and quarantine happening, it has gotten even more difficult to count numbers. In 2010 the Census Bureau counted a staggering 98% of households in America. But, with COVID-19, can the census survive and repeat its thoroughness like in 2010? If so, how?

  Luckily, we live in an era where everything is based on technology and humans find just about everything via the internet. Therefore, the census bases their responses on their website at It’s free, easy, and quick. 

  So how does one complete the census? Once you go to their website, on the top right corner there will be a “respond” tab that you click on. The census will send you mail constantly giving you the necessary code the website will give you to access your response. Not many steps will be taken, just simply add in who lives at the household, and other important questions. But how does the Census Bureau spread the word?

  Various amounts of advertisements are on Youtube before you watch a video, the side of every website will have a Census advertisement, and e-mails are being sent out. People get their mail everyday, and it is just about  guaranteed you will receive a letter from the Census reminding you that you must complete it. Them being scary, they remind one to complete it as it’s “REQUIRED BY LAW.” 

  Elders who don’t know how to use the internet can even send the letter back and complete the questionnaire. And it’s working as there is currently a 57.3% response rate, and in Florida there is a response rate of 55.1% and growing.

  There isn’t an excuse to not complete the Census. One can complete it on their phone, laptop, desktop—you name it. Even by mail. The Census is surviving, and it won’t die off as we are lucky to have various options. Free and easy, the way people like it.