Zone Out and Tune Into The Midnight Gospel


Graphic by: Henry Severe

Sophia Cortes, Entertainment Editor

  From Tiger King to Outer Banks, Netflix seems to be churning out series after series and season after season to keep viewers entertained. Joining the ranks of what some believe to become a new cult classic is the psychedelic and endlessly deep animated show, The Midnight Gospel. 

  Audiences follow the humanoid protagonist Clancy as he traverses universes to produce a trippy other-dimensional version of a podcast (called here a “spacecast”) where he travels from simulation to simulation talking to all sorts of creatures and beings about topics ranging from the acceptance of death to the modern practice of magic. If you’re tired of seeing cartoons for older audiences fall into the same pit of animating grotesque caricatures in an effort to distance themselves from children’s animation (looking at you Big Mouth) then The Midnight Gospel will offer a surprising and colorful palette cleanser. And an emphasis on “older audiences,” while the show’s animation style is bright and colorful, the show is not intended for those under the age of old enough to watch Adventure Time. 

  While the animation and plot of the episodes seem to be something out of a pleasant-looking yet often disturbing fever dream, the various guests on the show keep a lighthearted and calm atmosphere while being interviewed. Nothing better describes the overall feeling of the show than as if you were a stranger listening in on two old friends talk about life and the universe in an empty diner at 3 A.M, and junior Giovanna Toledo agrees. “It’s incredibly interesting,” she says, “the show reminds me of Adventure Time, especially since the creator worked on both shows, but with the deeper messages a lot clearer yet still multilayered. There’s a lot of stuff happening all at once but it’s not confusing.” Her advice for anyone going in blind? “Pay attention to it, and try to apply the lessons the show talks about in your life.” 

  If, like many people in quarantine right now, you find yourself looking for something new and out of the box to fill your witching hour binging schedule, then tune into The Midnight Gospel to satisfy all your late-night needs.