Sophia Morgan’s Outfits Fit the Mark


Alan Mathew, News Editor

     About five years ago, Sophia Morgan, now a senior, was going through her closet when she discovered a whole slew of clothes that she’d never really worn. Some still had fresh tags, and some were just outfits that she didn’t wear anymore, but all were in near perfect or perfect condition. “[It] was wasted money that I could get back,” Sophia thought to herself, and that was all it took for a small business to be born.

    Within the last year, Sophia’s focus on her business became much noticeable as she made the conscious decision to reach out more, expand as much as possible, and grow as much as she could. “I sell my clothes on the app Poshmark and just recently started an instagram shop: @sophiasthriftshop,” explained Sophia.  Poshmark makes delivering clothes easy, and it helps “grow [Sophia’s] customer base and reach people all across the US.” 

     Her instagram shop allows her to connect locally, particularly to her friends and people she knows. Working directly through the app allows her to deliver directly and get creative as well. 

    When asked why Sophia does what she does, her response was simple. “I feel great knowing that my clothes are being put to better use […] It makes me happy receiving reviews from people saying how happy they are with the clothes or how grateful they are.” Additionally, Sophia’s enterprising spirit has also helped her make the best of quarantine. Even with an increase in orders, Sophia now has the time to plan, create, and sell as often as she can. 

     One day Sophia hopes to be able to create her own clothes, and if her business keeps growing as much as she hopes it does, it’s clear to see that there’s very little that could stop this up-and-coming Charter businesswoman. 

  • Contributions also made by: Blake Rodrigeuz (YB)