Sebastian Arango


      “Looking forward to seeing my friends everyday….there hasn’t been one day where we’d just look at each other and not laugh…” Sebastian James Arango. Colombian/Spanish. Going to FAU, then transferring to UCF. Cancer, and he understands that he can be one in the way that he cares a lot about people. He thinks that people can often be misunderstood based upon their few interactions and connections that they’ve had with others, and he stresses how important it is to get to know a person. And so, of course, Sebastian’s a friendly guy. Even though he can be “too shy” when establishing his first impressions and sometimes can’t focus on what others are saying because of his short attention span, Sebastian still remains someone who radiates good vibes. He smiles so much that even his friends point it out. And maybe this is because he knows to “just keep swimming,” as Dory knows. He realizes that the bad things are only temporary and that he should just continue living and hoping that everything will soon become better (because it will). And with that in mind, he aims to become a successful sports engineer. Sebastian has, after all, always been interested in how one can figure out the technicalities of sports gear, especially soccer gear, in order to enhance athletes’ performance. So soon enough, in some years to come, he’ll find success in the NIKE or Adidas companies as a married man with 2 children, a modern home that’s big enough for his whole family, a dog, and surely a cat (as he’s always wondered what it’d be like to live with one). Perhaps he’ll still be looking up to Donald Glover for Donald’s genuinity and versatility and Bruce Lee for Bruce’s dedication and motivational advice and character. And just maybe, he’ll also continue his interest in toy photography and soccer. Charter support team: Alicia, Ashton, Ryan, Memez, Julian B., Julian E., Chris J (left in 10th grade), Gaby G., Michael O., Matteo D., Kobe. Favorite show: One Piece. Favorite artist: Childish Gambino. Advice for charter underclassmen: “High school isn’t that hard. It’s only based on how you make it.”

  • By: Jena Manning