Sarah Ferrer


       “Going to 3rd period, even just the walk there…I met some of my closest friends in that class…I was always laughing.” Sarah Yael Ferrer. Venezuelan. Still deciding on her school, but it’ll most likely be FIU. Leo, but she only actually relates to the horoscopes that Leos get. Sarah’s “favorite” thing is going to the gym, anyhow, and she loves eating all types of pasta and  loves listening to music in the car as she’s driving (her speakers broke once). She’s the type to forgive too easily at times. And she’s also someone to goof around a lot, loving to surround herself with others who can make her laugh. She’s very picky with who she surrounds herself with, therefore, appreciating those other goofs and other genuine individuals. Yet, she absolutely dislikes those who can be rude. But apart from her focus for other people, Sarah appreciates the value of self-growth most of all. She follows after the words of Kodak Black: “See you gotta go against all odds, you know? Boss your life up.” She upholds these lyrics, believing that it’s important to strive through all obstacles in order to prove that she can do and be whatever she wants. She looks up to her mom this way as well, in which Mrs. Ferrer’s hardworking nature “never stops.” And although Sarah may be an artist of procrastination (and speeding too) at times, her main focus is to get where she wants to be in all aspects of her life. She aims to practice discipline in getting headstarts and accomplishing things before deadlines, and she also aims to spread positivity and to help other people better themselves as well. So, with those goals, Sarah will become a pediatric nurse as she’ll love working with “cute” kids to help and make them feel better. She’ll stay in Florida, living near the beach with 3 children and a husband and still talking to all of her high school bffs. Charter support team: Kyle, Carissa, Emi, Annabelle, Aryiel, Nadya, Chi Chi, Jordon R., Nicole F., Anne, Sofia A. Favorite show: KUWTK. Favorite artist: Playboi Carti. Favorite song: “How Does It Feel” – D Savage. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Set your priorities straight, but…make memories with your friends. And videotape everything.”

  • By: Jena Manning