Elisha Brown


        “Leaving school: 2PM will hit the clock, I race out of 5th or 6th period, and I run to my car with my best friend Alex, and we’d call Nyomi…and Alex would spontaneously pick a place to go eat.” Elisha Daniel Brown. Jamaican American. Waiting on the FAMU decision. Virgo, and he’s “extremely” a Virgo, principally when it comes to him giving all his energy to help others. He’s also a perfectionist. He can close in on the smallest details, closely following the steps of his inspirational sister and always wanting things to be “exact” (although he knows that’s unrealistic). And because of that, he can tend to judge others and himself too much sometimes. Elisha does, however, want to fix this and stop being so hard on himself. He realizes that he needs to “let things go sometimes” and to stop thinking back to every single thing that he’s said and done. Instead of critiquing what happens in the moment, he aims to rather enjoy it as the always helpful and loving people-person that he is. And he also aims to do so as he has an everlasting wish to join the music industry. It’s his vision to write, produce, or manage “anything in music.” It’s what he loves. Political science would only be his backup plan since it’s also something that he enjoys (as it’d give him the ability to actively help people of his color). One day, nonetheless, Elisha will hopefully make his way far into the music industry. He’ll be enjoying the city for “work” life but will be living in a rural area in a different country with a really nice minimalistic (Kim-Kanye type) house. He’ll own a very loyal golden retriever or great dane, considering the possibility of kids and a spouse. And of course, you’ll often find him spending time writing lyrics that would stem from personal experiences, perhaps still watching a lot of quality-movies, and always remaining a great “helping hand” for those around him. Charter support team: Danny, Alex T., Nyomi, Whitney, Derrell. Favorite movie: Parasite. Favorite show: AHS. Favorite song: “Gimme Love” – Joji. Favorite artists: Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Embrace your mistakes. Those are what shape you…”

  • By: Jena Manning