Christian Rodriguez


       “Last year, junior year, in Marketing Essentials…security would be there every single day. It was pretty funny.” Christian Jorge Rodriguez. Cuban/Mexican. Going to UCF. Virgo, and so many people tell him that he really is one. He’s a very matured person, and he always has a set mind. His life motto is “don’t give up,” after all. Despite the tough situations he’s been put in the past, he still goes all the way. And he goes all the way in how he desires to get to know people past their physical appearances and first interactions, in how he strives to connect to not only his friends but their families as well, and in how he’ll willingly help out anyone with any handy-work, like fixing a car or heavy-lifting. But sometimes, going all the way has a fault, and Christian can give too much of himself in helping others. He can also tend to be too set in his own views and opinions at times. So then, he hopes to work on listening to others, especially when it comes to arguments. And he hopes to keep working on getting his stuff together, as he looks up to his studious best friend Javier. Regardless of all of that, Christian will one day become a yacht broker with his persistence. He’ll first start off with selling regular boats, and then he’ll eventually make more cash from selling yachts to rich people at boat shows. He’ll be a successful businessman living in Ft. Lauderdale on a canal that attaches to an intercoastal, finding happiness with a wife, kids, 2 dogs, and a fishing boat. But for now, he’s a soccer player who loves partying and pretty much anything to do with water: scuba-diving, fishing, boating, and going on cruises (his “favorite” thing ever). Charter support team: Yoniel, Julian E. Favorite show: Lost. Favorite artists: The Weeknd & Drake. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Start off getting your stuff together earlier.”


By: Jena Manning