The Blame Game

Gabriela Carvajal, Web Assistant

      For decades the U.S. and China have been at each other’s throats to supersede one another and gain the righteous spot as the global superpower. However with that mindset in play things have gotten way out of hand. 

      With a novel coronavirus spreading across all regions, the media has either downplayed its impact or tried to frighten viewers. When China first caught wind of an unknown sickness brewing in the Wuhan region they didn’t take action; instead they ignored such warnings. This is where the saying, actions speak louder than words, comes into play. While the Chinese continued to downplay the situation, they continued to disregard the idea of giving the W.H.O organization a heads up on what’s at hand or even help from other countries. What clearly spoke volume coming from the C.C.P, or more formally known as the Chinese Communist Party, is the fact that they expelled our reporters right when things got hot. Wouldn’t one think that something was up if they were shutting the media down, because if there was nothing to be worried about they would have left our reporters there. 

     While this has been a growing problem regarding how the Chinese go about their domestic problems they seem to have dragged others into their own bottomless pit. When the virus first came out globally it was known to many as ‘China’s virus’, now the narrative seems to have changed. With the CCP in the hot seat they have been twisting headlines in their country towards us. In the beginning of all this America, specifically Donald Trump, painted the picture that the problem was China hiding this virus from the world. While that may be partially true we don’t have the evidence to know the true origins of this virus, especially since we don’t have anyone stationed there to expose that. For a month the western media pointed fingers at China and the W.H.O for essentially wiping out a population. Now, it is China’s turn for pay back. Recently, a new conspiracy theory arose from China that this virus “is an American disease that might have been introduced by members of the U.S. Army who visited Wuhan in October.” (NewYorkTimes) While this seems far-fetched even for the CCP’s media, someone important from their government believes otherwise. This theory first surfaced on Twitter from a ministry spokesperson, which has high government surveillance, and has in fact received an official endorsement from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, his boss! For sure it can be agreed that these actions were taken to deflect the negative attention their government has received, but this shouldn’t be a surprise to us. China pulled a similar act, with a disinformation campaign, when China handled the AID’s epidemic. 

       What’s sad to say is the fact that this blame game between both the U.S and the Chinese will continue to be flamed as theories arise and evidence is sought after. For whatever reason the American media continues to fall for the same tactics, it’s possible to say that they don’t have enough content to cover, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for entertaining such mockery. At this point imagine what other countries around the world are thinking of us… Before we were respected for what we brought to the table; today we are known to be a struggling society who seems to be confused towards which government we should look at. We should turn a blind eye towards China and recuperate. WE WILL BE BACK CHINA, JUST STRONGER and SMARTER!