Creativity through a Pandemic


Samantha Cruz, Staff Writer

  Creativity is found all around us. It’s best described as a bolt of lighting. It comes at the most random of times and can spark anywhere. It can be caused by a phrase you hear, a single bird, or maybe a burnt piece of toast. Point being, there is creativity all around us. Even being trapped in our homes, somehow it has been the roaring engine for projects both big and small and has been keeping millions occupied in this time of distance.

  The majority of the projects have been about finding new hobbies. It’s the way that many have been able to control boredom and with so many hours of the day, why not try out something? Senior Veronica Rivera has taken the opportunity to try out painting. “I found out I had artistic skills during the quarantine. One day I just sat down and started sketching, when I was done I was shocked at how good it turned out. Then the next day, I painted for the whole day. It was so nice and calming. I finished, and I fell in love with what I created.” (Veronica Revera, Senior) Keeping a positive mind and trying out new things are all ways that can help to improve the atmosphere and make quarantine much more bearable.

  Sometimes hobbies are familiar, and things we can always improve on. “So I enjoy sewing. It’s one of the things I tried to do fairly often. I like making one big project every break which usually boils down to me making a doll that I sew by hand. I try to do something different every time I do a big project so things don’t get stagnant. For creative block what I find is best is to put yourself in a different mindset and place if you’re in your room listening to the same sounds looking at the same stuff your minds gonna spit out the same stuff so I like to go out for a walk or change the color of the lights in my room and listen to a certain type of music to put me in a different mood so different ideas have a place to grow,” expressed sophomore Delano Fagon. There are always ways to be inspired during this quarantine and it helps to have some time to be able to open up and let your mind create new ideas.

  Creativity is a word full of endless possibilities. It’s something that can turn even a global pandemic into something that gives us new meaning and hobbies. It all just starts with an idea.