Students Are Not Amused with Quarantine


Samantha Cruz, Staff Writer

  Safety is a word that has been heard for the past few weeks, and with that in mind, safety of citizens and their communities is essential during these uncertain times. In an effort to assist in protection from the virus, amusement parks around the world have partnered up to keep their locations closed until at least the year 2021. For Daniel Barte, his plans at Universal over the summer have come to a halt as the virus continues to impact summer plans. However, he does admire the efforts of all the parks, “There would have been many risks if they kept the parks open. Things like tourism increase the chances of diseases spreading because people from around the world are coming to these amusement parks.” Even then, it seems there is a loss for what he had planned for the summer. Even though he knows this isn’t ideal for anyone, it’s still something we must follow for safety. Until this is all over, like everyone else, he will just continue to focus on school and exercising as much as he can.