Sleeping During Quarantine


Maxine Martinez, Features Editor

  Perhaps the biggest difference in the life of a student during quarantine compared to their normal school day is the lack of structure. A typical day has a set time to wake up, go to class, do homework, and even go to bed. However, with COVID-19 came online schooling, and with that a leniency for what time you want to do your assignments. Students don’t need to be waking up at 5:30 am to be in class by 7:15 am. 

  For Vanessa Angel, a senior, she used to wake up at 5:20 AM to go to school. At night she would usually go to bed at midnight or 1 AM. However, the PPCHS student expressed that  “ever since this quarantine started I’ve been going to bed way later and waking up in the afternoon unless I have something to do in the morning for school.” This as a result, has affected the time she falls asleep at. “Even if I have to wake up early, I still can’t go to bed early because I’m just not tired at that time anymore. I’ll stay up on my phone or watch Netflix. And when I try to put my phone away I still stay up thinking.” This has affected two different things: productivity and tiredness. 

  Angel reflects that her productivity has decreased since the start of quarantine, mainly because she used to be able to go out and take part in different activities and generally just accomplish more. On the other hand, she finds that she is a lot less tired now because she doesn’t have that many responsibilities regarding school, clubs, or work. 

  This time period has changed many aspects of student’s lives. While some may struggle to find a balance between a strict school structure and the freedom of online work, this time also provides students with the opportunity to catch up on much needed rest.

  • Contributions also made by: Alexis Bustamante (YB)