Abigail’s Astonishing Bonding Experience


Michael Muela, Sports Editor

  Abigail Wong-Sang is just one of the many students at PPCHS. Like the rest of us, she’s stuck at home with her family, which is bigger than you think. But through this quarantine, she has bonded pretty well with the rest of her family. 

  There are seven people in the Wong-Sang home, with Abigail included. It’s her parents, herself, her older sister Tyra, and her three younger siblings. “I’ve never experienced anything other than a large family, but I don’t find it difficult at all. We all have our own space and if I really need some time alone I’d just stay in my room, but I’m a family person. I love having my little siblings around,” she said. Of her three younger siblings, the youngest three years-old. “They are all really sweet but can get very annoying at times. But, I know this time is just as boring and annoying for them as well, so I try to integrate them into my daily activities. I walk my dog in the morning, so I’d bring them along with me and we’d stop at the playground on the way. I just try to be as understanding as possible, when I go pick up dinner at Chick-fil-A I bring them with me (we go through the drive thru) to give my mom a little rest.” Abigail is really passionate about her family. 

  Abigail believes that she’s been bonding with her siblings pretty well. “My brother and sister have been teaching me how to play Modern Warfare and 2k20. It’s been a really good way to pass time,” she expressed. “It’s very hectic here, but it’s all love. My mom has to go to the grocery store or send me and my sister there at least every other day since we run through food really quickly.” You can also see that Abigail cares a lot about her siblings. 

  Abigail has gotten to know her family a lot better while spending time with them. Maybe you might get to know your family better if you spend some quality time with them, too. 

  • Contributions also made by: Celeste Salgado (YB)