Natalee Escobar Working Hard During Quarantine


Briana Butler, Lifestyle Editor

       Amidst the current pandemic, many are forced to work from home for their own safety. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, even in Charter’s student body. One of them includes Natalee Escobar, an essential worker at Publix. With more customers than ever, attending her job is a necessity to keep people from losing essential resources. 

       The store has become more chaotic lately, requiring workers to move as fast as possible to prevent large crowds, but Natalee continues to work through the stressful environment. “I don’t really mind working during these times,” she explains. “I love my job either way and they are taking many precautions to keep us safe.” Publix, like most stores, is providing its employees with gloves and masks to prevent the spread as much as possible.

       Natalee is working double the hours compared to the amount she used to have. Despite this workload, she continues to balance online school and work with an optimistic outlook. The most difficult part of her job is explaining that they may have ran out of an item due to high demand. Many people become frustrated hearing this, and it may be difficult to speak to angry customers. 

      During this time, people working in stores and restaurants are a crucial part to keeping everything together. They are important to the country as a whole while Covid 19 continues, and deserve a spotlight for the amount of work they put in for everyone else.

  • Contributions also made by: Khaira Kure (YB)