Helping Hands at Home


Morgan Lind, Clubs Editor


  For Jayna Brunner, this quarantine isn’t a reason to put volunteer work and other ways to help the community on hold. Throughout quarantine, Jayna has been coloring cards for a nursing home in Texas, delivering baked goods to ICU workers, and even delivering Girl Scout cookies to firemen.

  Jayna is a part of a Girl Scout Troop in South Florida and has made sure to make a difference amongst the community with her actions. When asked about why she does it, Jayna states, “it is important to remain positive during these times and if I am able to spread positivity or make someone smile I will.” Having people in the community that want to help to keep everyone staying positive, and safe during this time helps a lot, and her work doesn’t go unnoticed. Jayna has also campaigned with Mayor Ortis and Vice Mayor Siple on election day, during which she made sure to keep more than six feet of a distance between others in order to keep her and everyone else safe, while also making sure to have a mask on at all times. Jayna feels her actions “spread hope and a smile,” which can go a long way for some during this time. Her work doesn’t go without recognition and she continues to make the community a better place one step at a time. 

  • Contributions also made by: Hanna Rojo (YB)