Ryan Lopez


      “This year with the soccer team. Scoring the winning goal for regionals…going to the finals.” Ryan Lopez-Ordax. Hispanic/White (Spanish/Cuban). Going to FIU. Gemini, and he’s mostly one in how he’s a fun-loving person who likes to joke around. He’s also adaptable, able to adjust to all types of situations. Although, upon meeting new people, Ryan can still get nervous and lack a bit of confidence as he often cares about what others may think. He understands that people can sometimes be too pushy and annoyingly “in your business,” and so he wouldn’t like to ever come across that way. Ryan, regardless, hopes to work on just being who he genuinely is from the jump. Because, once you get to know him, you’ll see his true outgoing, blunt character. You’ll see that he’s the type to always hangout with his friends and the type to always speak his mind. Yet most of all, he’s the type of person to follow the phrase “YOLO.” He believes that “you just gotta do things even if it’s for the first time” or if it also makes you uncomfortable. And so, with this opportunity-taking mindset, Ryan chooses to follow a study of either engineering or business management in college. He’s recently become interested in business as he’s been buying and selling shoes, and he’s been considering engineering as his mom’s an engineer herself. Nonetheless, he’ll be in pursuit of one of these career areas, also working to get stronger and to workout more. He’ll have a big Miami house, living with his wife, son & daughter, a dog, and 2-3 nice cars. Perhaps he’ll still be involving soccer into his routine, as he’s been playing since he was 3 years old. Charter support team: Ashton, Christian, Arango, Trace, Kaue, Alex, Matteo D., Nico, Kelly, Jena. Favorite show: Criminal Minds (on the fourth season rn). Favorite artist: Lil Uzi (likes “Neon Guts”). Advice for charter underclassmen: “Especially for those freshman…don’t b.s. your first year ‘cause it’s really gonna hurt you.”

  • By: Jena Manning