Jojo Miller


“I guess my favorite part would be senior privilege…I would just get to hangout with my friends in the morning before I actually had to go into charter.” Jonyse Latiaria Miller. Black (partly Bahamian). Going to FMU. Libra, and she’s as social as many Libras can come. She gets along with anyone because she’s easy to vibe with. Yet, sometimes she can become distant due to her own intuition. If Jojo feels that something is off or wrong, she can shut people down easily. She has trust issues. She does, anyhow, still strive to make better connections with others, to build deeper bonds that are stronger than the many “surface” ones that she has made. Her life motto, after all, is that if you “work hard for anything, you’ll get anything in life.” And so, she’s not into “taking any handouts.” She rather believes that the value of earning something will make your accomplishments “worth more,” and so she looks up to Dwayne Wade in terms of how he built his legacy through his strong work ethic. Regardless, Jojo plans to become similar to Wade on her own journey towards becoming a forensic scientist. She particularly wants to become a CDI drug chemist and hopes to search for traces of drugs in people’s systems so that she can give families more closure on their deceased loved ones. Although, if there is a “sliver chance” of a WBA opportunity, Jojo will surely take it as basketball has always been a game of love and serenity for her. But in either way that her path will take her, she’ll remain an athlete who’ll be starting “small” in a nice condo in Florida (or somewhere “lowkey”), living a simple, minimalistic life with her wife and kid. Charter support team: Mason, Ivan, Donovan, Melanie, Natalia, Natalie. Favorite movie: Love and Basketball. Favorite artist: Lil Uzi. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Work hard from the jump so that you can relax in the end.”

  • By: Jena Manning