Eirik Patino


“Open house, freshman year. I met one of my best friends that day….it just transformed my entire high school experience.” Eirik Anthony Patino. White (Cuban/Norweigan). Going to Valencia. Libra, and he identifies with it in how he can be very uncoordinated and clumsy and even messy at times. He’s a friendly character who doesn’t like when people are rude. And he’s one to believe in true love at first sight as well, as it had happened to him once. But most of all, Eirik is also one to say, “You gotta try hard for what you want to obtain.” Everything that Eirik has gotten, he’s certainly earned, especially if you include the car that he bought after working everyday for 6 months “straight” to pay for it. And so, there’s no question that he plans to put in the work on improving himself too, in terms of his mental health (that HS kinda “fought”) and his overall growth. He looks up to XXX Tentacion’s self-growth, actually, and aims to do something new everyday and to take on life with the projects he plans to work on. And while Eirik is always caring and always having people’s backs, he also aims to learn to put a limit on that trait of his as it can be a fault when he doesn’t know “when to stop caring.” Nevertheless, Eirik’s plans for his future involve one of two career options: a chemist office job or an auto technician. And he loves both, firstly in the way that chemistry intriguingly involves both science and math and secondly in the way that he’s always had a knack for working on cars. But someday, he’ll be pursuing one of these paths, leading a life in a Texan home with a big yard & “range,” his wife, his son, & their 4-5 dogs. Maybe he’ll still be into football and working on cars and perhaps going to car meets as he did in his younger days. Charter support team: Nick M., Michael A., Angelina C., Ibrahim. Favorite movie: The Wolf of Wall Street. Favorite artist: XXX Tentacion (his fav is “Moonlight”). Advice for charter underclassmen:“Figure out who you are first…your own meaning of yourself (before hopping into relationships).

  • By: Jena Manning