Dylan Toledo


      Senior year has been my favorite year…just me breaking out of my shell and getting more involved, going out more, hanging out with my friends.” Dylan Elijah Toledo. Puerto Rican/Cuban. Going to UCF. Virgo, but he doesn’t really “pay attention” to the zodiac. He’s got a hard shell, and he has a “resting bitch face” that he aims to fix: things that can make it harder for him to make friends. Yet, whom Dylan truly is, is an optimistic person in a world of pessimism. He tends to “go in” seeing the good side of people and situations, and he’s very forgiving and open once you get to know him (if you match his energy and don’t rub him the wrong way, of course). He has a lot of love for his friends. But he’s also got a major sense of self-love and knows that it’s important to love yourself before trying to love others. His personal life motto is to “never settle.” Dylan always has an end goal in mind and will do anything to get there. And he wants to become better at this, to learn how to get more “locked in” on his goals and grind all the way through. He also wants to mature more as a person, too. And in doing so, he’ll someday become an architect as well as he’s always been into the creative arts, doing photography or even drawing anything “off the top” of his head. He’s been set on this architect dream since he was 13 or 14, and so he believes that creating houses is what’s for him, most definitely. So he’ll remain an artist, married with 1-2 kids and with a dog in a house that he created himself, and he’ll most likely still be keeping tabs on basketball and music (his “favorite thing ever”). Charter support team: 5 people (“they know who they are”). Favorite movie: Scarface. Favorite artist: Playboi Carti. Favorite song: “90210” – Travis Scott. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Don’t stress things too much. If there’s a party you wanna go to, go that to that party. If there’s a friend you wanna hangout with, hangout with that friend. If there’s a person you wanna date, date that person.” 

  • By: Jena Manning