David Hodgson


      “1st period, it’s literally butt-crack of dawn, and me, Shelcey, and Madison are like yelling and laughing.… and 3rd period, Mr. Kapela doesn’t really care what we’re doing anymore, so it was pretty much a free period.” David Byron Hodgson. Nicaraguan. Going to TCC, then transferring to FAMU. Aquarius, and certainly in how he’s a loyal friend. But if he feels threatened in any sense, he’s definitely going to put up a barrier. He can get cold “really quick” and can greet your attitude with an even nastier one. He’s funny, nevertheless, and he’s genuine. He’s not really a people-person and doesn’t favor being in the “spotlight,” but he still stands as someone solid for his closest friends to rely upon. And he also stands as someone who values persistence. His life motto is that “everything you want won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you keep going.” He thinks that some people will try to do something, see no progress, and then quit. And David knows that he won’t be quitting his passion for producing music anytime soon. After all, he’s always been somehow connected to music, either through constantly listening to it or being in band throughout middle school and high school. And so as he’s practicing his producer skills with rap music, along with some latin & pop tunes, he aims to get signed with either Rock Nation, Quality Control, or YSL Records some day. And David will definitely do so as he’ll also lead a wealthy life with multiple dogs, 1-2 children, and houses in Miami, LA, and NY. Perhaps he’ll have a spouse too, even though he’s okay with being by himself and doesn’t always need to be with someone. He thinks that real love will just happen “out of nowhere” and be one of the happiest things you can experience. But for now, David is still producing, aiming to get his body right and to reach a peace in which he knows that everything in the future is going to be okay. Charter support team: Catherine L., Nyomi, Alexandra T., Carissa. Favorite show: Grey’s Anatomy. Favorite artist: Beyoncé (her husband is his pick for most legendary rapper alive). Advice for charter underclassmen: “Be prepared for the worst. If I didn’t have my grades and GPA where I wanted to be and this whole thing happened, I probably won’t be graduating. Keep up your good grades and everything.” 

  • By: Jena Manning