Sprinting Their Way To The Goal


Sebastian Alvarez, Staff Writer

  Coach Jan is undoubtedly the best lacrosse head coach the school has ever seen. He helped form some of the players, coached the record-breaking 19-20 team to a program best 7-1 record, and of course a division playoff appearance. All this was done in 3 seasons as he was welcomed to the head coach position in 17-18. The rest is history.

  Coach Jan played club lacrosse at UConn as a midfielder for 1 year after deciding to transfer to Marquette University to study law but that wouldn’t stop him from playing lacrosse. He continued to play lacrosse for Brew City lacrosse club while attending Marquette. He would go on to graduate and then pursue a coaching career after having a son of his own who is undoubtedly the greatest lacrosse player in school history in Jan Smith. Of course, Coach Jan started coaching 6 years ago. It slowly carried him to coaching the best team in school history. 

  2017, the school’s lacrosse program was in trouble as the former coach left to coach another team. Senior Jan Smith was on the team, he of course wanted to keep playing, that’s when his father would step in. Coach Jan took over the team, his fist season consisted of a 1-6 season. The next year, a handful of players joined the team, before you know it was the first winning season of the program (6-6). But it wouldn’t end there. 

  The best year of Coaches coaching career, with out no doubt. His son’s senior year. The chemistry, the love, and the discipline was going to be put to the test, and it didn’t fail. The players, the school saw the love Coach Jan and JC have for eachother, a 1-loss season (7-10 record. For JC, there are disadvantages and advantages of having his Dad coach him. “I know his style of play he likes and I know the type of way he wants to coach. But, we are constantly arguing with each other” JC says. 

  It’s a  rollercoaster, the pandemic put a lot to a haul but it didn’t matter. A record-breaking season, the coach accomplished something he probably didn’t even think would happen. Maybe no one will accomplish it ever again, but it’s worth the try with the help of Coach Jan Smith. The greatest coach in school history, no matter the sport.