New Times, New Life

Gabriela Carvajal, Web Assistant

  As we stay cooped up in our houses we have been losing our sense of humanity. With no contact and a way of escaping whatsoever teenagers have been left empty handed when it comes to receiving communication from their friends. 

  However, for Kaylee Talbert that isn’t the case. She is a junior and co-caption of the dance team where she is surrounded by so many talented dancers. When she tried out to be the co-captain of the dance team she said, “I tried out because I have the passion for dancing and I believe I could make a strong commitment to the team.” For sure she has excelled at her position, but given these new circumstances her role has been cut short. 

  While her leadership for the team has been put at a halt, she has meanwhile been enjoying herself outside of the school environment. At first the question for her and her friends was how can we stay connected amidst this crisis? Then Zoom came along. Kaylee says, “since Zoom is a really popular platform for video chats, I just decided to try it and I liked it since we’re using it for some of my classes.” For sure her and her friends aren’t just talking about how boring their days have become, because now they have the opportunity to watch the same movie at the same time through without moving from the comfort of their own home through ZOOM! “What’s even more crazy is the fact that we spend close to 5-10 hours on Zoom together”, Kaylee says. 

  In fact, what many church communities have been doing to stay connected is using programs just like Zoom. As weird as that may be for many, it has been a useful tool for churchgoers to maintain their faith. For Kaylee, who attends “The Fuge”, uses Zoom to their benefit in times like these. “Usually, on my calls for church we just have bible studies and they’re super fun, but only last one to one and half hours”, Kaylee said. 

  For sure these times have been rough and a bit of an adjustment, but that doesn’t mean we had to disconnect ourselves completely. Thankfully we have programs like Zoom to maintain our relationships with the outside world.

  • Contributions also made by: Sophia M. (YB)