Jena Manning

       “Senior crown day…and when we took that picture, everyone was celebrating and I felt that we were all a family and we were all connected.” Kristy Marie Navarro. Cuban/Colombian. Going to FIU. Cancer, and she believes that she’s the “most Cancer person” ever, in every way. She tends to react to things emotionally, without logic. She feels and acts on impulse. She buys things on impulse, too, which is why she says she’s broke. But she also says that she needs to work on this part of herself so that she can “take a step back,” look at everything, and make smarter long-term decisions. She doesn’t like how she changes her mind too easily. Nonetheless, Kristy values connection. Although she can be too trusting in people, she believes that it’s difficult to get through life without others and their support. And that’s really the reason why she’s continued as a baton twirler for 11 years: teammates who were basically her “second family.” But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t individually put her “all” into everything that she does. She aims “to work hard, play hard.” She thinks that whatever work you put in, you get back, and she looks up to her parents in that sense. And so, Kristy hopes to become a lawyer someday, to defend and help people “who really need it.” She says that she certainly knew that this was her path around the time that the singer Ke$ha had that whole legal fight with Sony Music Entertainment, in which Ke$ha unfortunately didn’t get what she deserved. But as a lawyer, anyhow, Kristy will be staying in Miami with a husband and kids, definitely not aiming to live a “cookie-cutter” life. Maybe she’ll pick up the guitar or piano as she once dreamt of doing. Or maybe you’ll find her driving around the city and listening to music to clear her mind. Charter support team: Victoria P., Lia, Mackenzie, Nicole. Favorite show: The Office. Favorite movie: Forrest Gump. Favorite artists: Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Cuco. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Focus on your goals, and savour every moment and have fun.”