The Journey to Canvas for Stephanie Akinbehinje

Nicole Llanes, Social Media Manager

  With quarantine canceling school, PPCHS has thought of the way they can teach from home: virtually. Transitioning to online school was different and provided many difficulties. However, for Junior Stephanie Akinbehinje this was quite the opposite. When questioned whether she viewed the adjustment to online school as difficult, she simply stated, “Honestly, it wasn’t hard at all for me to adjust and was one of the easiest transitions ever”. She explained that as long as a student has a computer and printer they’re set to learn remotely from home, as these are the only supplies they’d need. She even offered some advice for learning from home, “Just make sure you’re checking your work all the time and staying caught up with it. If you’re good at staying on top of yourself it will be easy.” Stephanie sees the light in at-home learning due to the freedom and flexibility she’s given. Now she can wake up and do her work at whatever hour she sees fit. As well as take advantage of being able to work with her peers through either Facetime or zoom. Although, she does see the disadvantages that come alongside virtual learning as well. Without a teacher being there face to face with their students, they can’t aid or guide them, and this proved to be a difficulty for Stephanie, “When it comes to subjects like math, it’s better when you have a teacher in front of you explaining the material”. She further explained how teachers set tests for specific times and have been assigning much more rigorous work. She felt that “for someone who isn’t able to manage themselves well or not committed to their work, it’s harder for them to get their work done.” Online classes have proven to test students’ limits but Stephanie continues to keep herself driven and on top of her work.

  • Contributions also made by: Kalie Avecedo (YB)