First Year of High School Comes to A Halt

Rebecca Lim, Staff Writer

  Freshman Dylan Chaimowicz, like many other highschoolers, has been affected by the shutdown of schools due to COVID-19. Dylan was just getting started in his highschool career and was setting himself up for a bright future, both academically and in sports. Unfortunately, his year of new beginnings and new opportunities was cut short.

  Dylan had an amazing start to high school. Looking back, Dylan explains, “My freshman year was a great year… My classes were perfect for me and I showed my teachers that I am determined and well-behaved… my year was about building new friendships and learning time management.” He has luckily been able to get his school life organized in preparation for the next three years of high school.

  Speaking of his future years, Dylan hopes that his sophomore year will not be affected and that he is able to reach all of his goals. He expresses, “Next year… I am taking harder classes and starting my AICE diploma… I have also been training and working out multiple times during the day… I continue to hope that school starts on time in the regular fashion and that swimming is not affected so we can continue to race and grow as a team.” Even though it’s easy to be discouraged by the way Dylan’s freshman year abruptly ended, he is keeping his head up. 

  Dylan has still been able to interact with many of his friends while at home through Zoom and FaceTime, and play games online with them. He’s been able to meet many new friends this past school year as a result of all the middle school campuses combining, which is something truly valuable.

  • Contributions also made by: Molly Masson (YB)