Keep Moving Forward

Samantha Cruz, Staff Writer


   Senior year is a time that everyone looks forward to. It’s that short year in your life where one finally has overcome a huge hurdle and is pushed off into the real world. It is social gatherings, skipping school to go to the beach, and knowing that just in a few short months adult life will begin. But sadly with the coronavirus, it took away those memories from the class of 2020. For Mason Thomas, it was a chance to say goodbye to his teachers. It was a drastic change that he seems to be managing. Online school is so different, yet he believes that we all should just keep moving forward. But even then, he was excited for prom and to walk across the stage at graduation. Those are major milestones for anyone. For many, this is a period of time that seems so drastic from everyday life, but keeping in contact with friends has really helped him. In his words, “It is what it is, and I’ll get over it”. These last few months were moments to spend time with friends before everyone travels to college, as he will be traveling to FSU, and now that those moments are gone, the world feels like it is at a standstill. Everything seems to be blurry for the future. Who knows what these next few weeks for the senior class hold? Remember in the end, all we can do is “keep moving forward”.

  • Contributions also made by: JACK SIMPKIN (YB)