Senior Signing Party Cancelled

  Not being able to plan and be a part of the Senior Signing party tradition has been disappointing, as it is to many of the Seniors, especially to Editor-in-Chief, Alyssa Miragliotta. “I’m saddened that I won’t be able to reveal the yearbook to all the Seniors, but as  I look back on my time in the yearbook class, I realize how important the yearbook will be to the class of 2020.” 

  With the unexpected happenings of the Coronavirus, the class of 2020 has missed out on many of the normal senior events, such as grad bash and prom. Miragliotta assures students that, “The yearbook is timeless and filled with memories that seniors can look back on with a smile. Representing PPCHS as Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, I have had the opportunity to remind everyone about the best moments in 2020, and to make the most of their future.” Highlighting all of these memories in one book is something positive we can all look forward to as we go through these difficult times. Miragliotta continues, “Making the 2020 yearbook has been my biggest accomplishment and I couldn’t be prouder to share the yearbook with the class of 2020, whether it be at the Senior Signing party or not, I couldn’t be more grateful I had the opportunity and experience to make my senior yearbook.”

  The Senior Signing party was a chance for the Prowler Staff to celebrate their hard work with their entire staff and the study body. In years past, the Senior Signing party has been the time when the book is revealed, and serves as an unforgettable experience for the seniors.  The Coronavirus has changed the world, but with the Prowler Staff ensuring every moment was captured, the class of 2020 will never be forgotten. The 2020 yearbook features the best moments at Charter before social distancing and self quarantine, which is part of the reason this book will be so special. Miragliotta says, “I am so excited to reveal the yearbook, especially our theme… I think it definitely shares a reassuring message during this time.” Impacting the students in more ways than one, the 2020 yearbook sends a positive message during a time of crisis, and comforts people by reminding them that there is still so much more to look forward to. The Prowler Staff wishes the class of 2020 nothing but the best and bright futures ahead of them.